What is this frozen treat “Ice Drop” and where did it come from?

#TasteTeeIceDrop Model

The ice drop is a leveled up version of the more common ice buko with its famous all-Filipino flavors mongo, keso, buko, pinipig ice drops.

Sison’s Ice Drop Factory

The Sison Ice Drop Factory, Sampaloc, Manila

The Sison Ice Drop Factory, Sampaloc, Manila. Source: M.R. Gaerlan Collection

The majority of the ice drops were supplied by the Sison Ice Drop Factory in Sampaloc, Manila.

SISON ICE DROP FACTORY415-417,419 Trabajo and 540 Verdad, Sampaloc, Manila.

 The factory has since closed a long time ago but a handful of restaurants have created their own upscale version for this nostalgic treat but nothing compares to the original which was sold it various sari-sari stores around the neighborhood.

The Sampaguita Ice Drop from Illustrado Intramuros

The Sampaguita Ice Drop from Illustrado Intramuros. Credit Booky.

These were the delectable alternative between the street corner dirty ice cream and the expensive ice cream snacks sold by Selecta and Magnolia. The factory as since closed down for good.  Its products were well-loved by kids and adults alike back in the

The Ice Drop

The iconic ice drop was the mongo flavored ice drop.  The layered sweet mongo beans on top of the milky ice buko was the attractive look that made the ice drop recognizable everywhere.

The iconic mongo flavored ice drop.

The iconic mongo flavored ice drop. Credit: Princess Daquigan, GMA News

It was a frozen snack made from either condensed milk or coconut milk mixed with coconut strings and arranged with the sweet stewed red mongo beans that settled in the bottom of the ice drop mold. It has a rich, very sweet milky flavor even when the actual ice drop only had a small amount of milk.  

Nostalgic Filipino Frozen Treat

“I loved the nuttiness of the mung bean, where as you sucked the confection, the beans would emerge and their nubby texture would contrast marvelously with the soft cream. Or the way that buko rewarded one’s palate with its semigelatinous, sweet (but not as sweet as macapuno) taste.”

Luis H. Francia


The ice drop was a simple frozen treat with a wooden stick in the middle of it which you struggle to eat as it melts rapidly under the hot Philippine sun.  Completely messy, guaranteed you’d have sticky fingers at the end of it.

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