The Brand, The People, The Goal!

Who are we?

We are a bunch of proud Filipino entrepreneurs living in the Philippines looking for opportunities to utilize our skills creating a small business for ourselves.

Our Brand

The Taste Tee Designs brand is about quality graphics design on t-shirts.  

Eye-catching and conversation starting t-shirt designs that you can wear proudly!  

Hey, maybe you love Filipino Adobo or the all time favorite smellicious Tuyo?  

We have the perfect t-shirts for you! You can wear it to the next part and watch people ask you what your t-shirt is all about.  “Oh, you like Adobo too?” “Tuyo is my favorite too especially with champorado!”

From: $25.00
From: $25.00

Other Shirts…

We see too many dolla dolla rushed designs on the internet that costs just the same as us.  Just check on the numerous t-shirt websites and Amazon for them.

We want to bring the t-shirt to the next level with our graphics design skills and our years of t-shirt screen printing experience to create something truly exceptional in the same price range as everybody else.

Our Team

Let me introduce you to #TeamTasteTee.


wiL L.
Digital Marketer, VIP Services

The friendly Filipino-Canadian techy man behind VIP customer service and dynamic social media. Drop him a line on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! ?


Emman B.
Creative Director

The mysterious, artistic gentleman oozing with creativity who lives and breathes graphic t’s. Proudly Pinoy creating world-class Philippine patriotic products.– That’s a lot of P’s!


Frank D.
Business Developer

The maverick who makes it work! Making sure all the wheels are turning and we are surviving every day. Crunching numbers is so hard but he makes it so easy.

Our Goals

We love our Taste Tee Designs brand and we absolutely hope we can utilize our skills to grow it into a premiere Filipino brand that people around the would know and support.

Variety of Accessories and other Apparels

Once we see Taste Tee Designs grow steadily then we can start expanding our line into other apparel like sando, tank top, pillow cases, canvas posters, etc.  We’ll carefully expand to make sure the quality is up to snuff.

Upgraded Packaging with Pack-ins

If we the demand grows and we become a bit profitable then we can improve the packaging and add special extras in your orders like stickers, pins, etc…


The possibilities are endless!


Hey, we might have our own manufacturing company with garment printers so we have the flexibility to be truly unique and offer exclusive Taste Tee Designs branded apparels and accessories.


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